JR's Wrecker Service
In A Nut Shell

JR founded JR's Automotive in 1988 offering a multitude of different services to the East Texas area for many years.  JR's now mainly focuses on providing customer service to those customers that are in need of the many tasks a tow truck can provide.  JR ventured into the towing industry of his career when he acquired a body shop that had a tow truck available, and was already on incident management rotation in Marshall, TX.  JR thought to himself rotation is great, but what if I could do more to help others.  What was once a one tow truck company has now become eleven tow trucks today to fulfill the needs of his customers.  JR's has also expanded by moving its main operations into Longview, TX, and opening a third branch located in Palestine, TX over the past few years.  This enables JR's to reach out further to customers in the East Texas area.

"We are a fast growing company thanks to our customers and their support.  As JR's continues to grow we will always be there to help our customers, provide them with excellent customer service, and the quality they deserve."

- JR Morgan

JR Morgan & Jackababy